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List Wire Support:  

We're sorry, but we can only accept support inquiries from existing List Wire members. We do not offer pre-sales, or pre-signup support of any kind.

If you are a current List Wire member, or a member who previously had an account, please click here to access our support ticketing system, login using your existing account information, and submit your request.

If you are not a current member, and have never been a member, please signup for a List Wire account and take a look around... most of your questions will be answered within a few secomds of logging in. Or, if you need a little more information about the features we offer, simply click the "features" link above.

Finally, we'll answer our most commonly asked question right here...

Yes, List Wire really is free. There are no upgrades, no hidden charges, and absolutely no catches what-so-ever. There are no caps on the number of subscribers you can have on any list, and no limits on the number of followup messages you can send.

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